The trust and confidence of our Korean Owners/Principals to Filipino seafarers continuous to grow.  This is because of the professionalism and good

seamanship of our seafarers.


The Fair Shipping Corporation, Fair Shipping Family, its Foreign Owners and Principals and Crew wishes to express its deepest sympathy to the Filipino people for the lost it

suffered from the Typhoon Yolanda.



Eastern Car Liner, Inc. (ECL) of Japan, Cordial Shipping, Inc’s joint venture company, made true their promise to give more vessels to CSI.


There was a time when Ship Owners preferred cheap labor than professional or good seamanship.  That’s why many hired seafarers from other Asian countries and

leaving the Philippine, the biggest market of seafarers in the world


Congratulations to Cordial Shipping, Inc. (CSI) for manning additional two (2) more PCC vessels from their partner Eastern Car Liner, Ltd. (ECL), Tokyo, Japan, this July and August 2013.