M.V. “Hanjin Dalian” a newly built vessel owned and managed by our Principal, Santoku Senpaku Co., Ltd. of Osaka, Japan, Chartered by Hanjin Shipping of Korea, is the latest and welcome addition to the Company’s list of Full Crew manned vessels.


After Cordial Shipping’s successful re-delivery of the (2) PCC vessels last Jan. and Feb. 2011, it now has the privilege to manned a new delivery vessel that was delivered to its owners last September 15, 2011.


The newly build MV Hanjin Manzanillo is the latest addition to the company.

Under the command of Capt. Mario P. Badilla and C/E Erwin C. Lubiano, with full Filipino crew, she was proudly delivered at Nakai Zosen Shipbuilyard, Hiroshima, Japan on August 31, 2011.


“When it rains, it pours.”  This is the current adage of the company as another cape size bulk carrier vessel was delivered anew by its efficient and proficient Filipino crewmembers.


The 29th of June 2011 was another happy and cheerful day for the company’s Filipino crew as they proudly delivered the 92,752 MT, Cape Size, Bulk Carrier, Lowlands Sunrise at Koyo Shipyard, Hiroshima, Japan.