The President of Fukujin Kisen Co., Ltd., Ehime, Japan, Mr. Toshiyuki Seno, one of Japan’s major shipowners, made courtesy call to the company on February 18, 2011.


A Happy New year indeed for Cordial Shipping, Inc. as eastern Car Liner, Ltd. (ECL), Tokyo, Japan appointed anew the company to man their 33,854 GRT, 1999 built Pure Car Carrier (PCC), MV Eishun.


The promise of New Year goes well to Cordial Shipping, Inc., as they acquired another Pure Car Carrier (PCC) to start the year.


New Year, it is the beginning of a huge task that lies ahead for all shipping companies but it also promises positive outlook towards greater heights.


Cash advance to crew without interest has been granted to seafarer’s of Fair Shipping Corporation, basically to assist the crew defray necessary expenses for documentation related to seafarer’s contract for employment and embarkation, such as expenses for training, local clearances and VISAS for entering foreign countries, but most of the bulk has been for crew’s personal loan needs.